Event Planning Tool

The best way to have a great party
is to be organized and prepared
beforehand. No procrastinating! This
planning tool will help you avoid
stressful surprises and ensure the
comfort of your guests on the day of
your event.

First is a checklist of practical things
you will need to consider to host an
event.  Second is a questionnaire
that will help us understand your
goals and priorities for your event.  
This is a checklist for your personal
use. If you choose to hire us to cater
your event, we will go over this list
with you during our planning
meeting. Not all the items on this
checklist will apply to your party;
just answer what is applicable to you.
Guest Details
Event date:                                     Time:                                                 Number of Invited Guests:
  • Date Invitations are sent out (6 weeks advance)
  • RSVP due date
  • Estimated total number of guests (about 80% of invited guests will attend)
  • Average Age of guests:
  • Any special needs guests?
  • Dietary restrictions? Allergies? Vegetarians? Vegans? Gluten free? Dairy free?

  • Number and ages of children:
  • Event Location
  • Occupancy limit
  • Availability and Deposit
  •  In/Out times
  • Parking

  • Signage for guests, both indoor and outdoor

  •  Temperature control

  •  Bathroom facilities

  •  Garbage
  •   Number and type of trash cans
  •   Garbage cans for
  • kitchen
  • party area                
  • bathrooms
  • Liners provided?
  • Recycling?
  • Where do we take garbage and recycling out?

  • Type of lighting                       Lighting control locations

  •  Candle Policy?
  •  Coatracks or Closets?
  • Kitchen type                    
  • Kitchen appliances we can use
  • Refrigerator space?                                                   Ice machine?
  • Kitchen accessibility and open time
  • Special Kitchen rules

  • Alcohol Policy

  • Pest Control needed?

  • Alternative location in case of inclement weather
Event Area and Set Up for the Party
  •  Additional tables needed?

  • Chairs/seating available
  • Additional chairs needed?

  •  Seating plan

  •  Food Table sizes and locations

  •  Beverage Table sizes and location

  •  Other tables (welcoming table, gift table, cake table, etc.)

  •  Kid's play area
  •  Linens for all tables
  •  sizes

  •  colors
  • Rental company info:

  •  Event theme
  • Decorations for all tables
  • Flowers
  • Candles
  • Audio/Visual equipment needed
Event Activities and Timeline
  •  Set up time:
  • Time guests will arrive:
  •  Welcome announcement
  •  Sign in book
  •  Ceremonies or prayers
  • Appetizer time:
  •  Main meal time:
  •  Dessert time:
  •  Programs, flyers, bulletin board,signage
  • Music
  • Toasts
  • Games
  • Photographs
  • Party favors
  • Other activities
  • Farewell
  •  Clean up helpers:
  • Person to take home decorations: